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It was developed over the remains of an earlier 6th century temple to Athena, knocked down by the Persians in 480 BC. Created from white marble, it was built in stages as wartime funding allowed. The ratio of elevation to diameter of the columns is 7:1, the slender percentages producing an elegance and refinement not experienced in the typical 9:1 or 10:1 of Ionic buildings. A cult statue of Athena Nike stood inside the tiny 5m x 5m naos. An account by the old author Pausanias explains the sculpture as constructed from timber, holding a helmet in her left hand, and a pomegranate (sign of fertility) in her right. This led Athenians in later centuries to call it Nike Apteros (wing-less triumph), as well as a tale occurred that the sculpture was robbed of wings so she can never ever leave the city. Yet a couple of years earlier, it was discovered that most of the columns as well as rocks of the initial temple still continued to be on website, either hidden or utilized in the destroyed chapel. It was ultimately restored by German excavators to its present state, which is now undamaged adequate to reveal the basic type of the Temple of Demeter at Sangri. It is one of the few known temples with a square flooring plan. History of the Holy place of HephaestusThe Temple of Hephaestus and also Athena was begun in 449 BC, simply two years prior to the Parthenon. This holy place was the initial in Athens to be made from marble. The structure is constructed of Pentelic marble and embellished with sculpture in Parian marble. The ceiling is wooden, the roof ceramic tiles are made of terracotta, as well as there is a limestone action at the end of the platform.